The English Apple season is upon us and we have some of ‘the best tasting apples in the world’ according to British Apples & Pears

Regular rainfall produces juicy apples; cooler temperatures creating a crunchy texture and British sunshine gives that distinctive, delicious flavour.

And English Apple Growers are committed to the importance of protecting the environment with modern packhouses and cold stores are designed to minimise the use of energy and water used in the grading processes is recycled.

English Apples on stock at FreshPoint and FreshPoint Local include the Apple Pie Favourite the English Bramley; England’s most famous the Cox with a great balance of sugars and bite, plus a delicious honeyed aroma; the much sought after and grown only in limited quantities is the Delbarestivale with an outstanding combination of sweet flavour, slight tartness and hint of aniseed; the very distinctive English Russet with its light brown colouring with cream freckles; and Laxton’s Fortune a cross between Cox’s Orange Pippin and Wealthy providing a delicious eating apple.

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