World Egg Day was set up in 1996 to raise the awareness of the health and nutritional benefits of eggs and their versatility into an everyday healthy diet. This year the day will be celebrated on Friday 11th October.

At FreshPoint, we have been working with Cornish Free Range Egg producer St.Ewe Eggs for many years. St. Ewe Eggs are used at home by families and renowned Michelin star restaurants alike, and there is no mystery to where the quality comes from.

Each and every single egg comes from Free Range hens, ranging the cornish countryside and generous room to roost at night.

To add to our plastic free milk campaign, we are encouraging our customers to bring their own egg boxes to our Springfield Road base, this way we can reduce waste by ensuring that you buy only what you need, and reducing single use packaging. Large, Medium and Rich Yolk products also include minimal packaging.

We supply a wide range of St. Ewe Egg products, including:

  • Medium – 5 dozen and 30 dozen
  • Large – 5 dozen and 24 x 6s
  • Rich Yolk – 5 dozen and 6 x 6s
  • Liquid Egg – Available to order (72 hours’ notice required)

Be sure to bring your own egg boxes to FreshPoint and help us celebrate World Egg Day!

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